Kinross Breeding Females

In scheduling breedings, we consider the quality of life for our breeding females. We do not breed the same female more than once a year and make sure each female travels to North Dakota every fall to hunt pheasants, ducks, and geese.

Upcoming Females

  • Henrietta Sugar
  • Beatrice Margaret

Henrietta Sugar     50lbs.

Henrietta Sugar is simply called Sugar.  Her nickname came from her early puppy days of being a very sweet pup.  Sugar is young but is showing the desirable trait of pleasing the human (and paying attention to what is expected).

Beatrice Margaret

Bea, as she is known at Kinross, is a great dog.  She has been added to our kennel to bring a new genealogy to our breeding.  We are excited to have her as one of our females.


Georgie……52lbs., retired

Georgie is a Chloe x Ty daughter. She is a sweet dog with a gentle disposition. Since her puppy days, she has demonstrated confidence in finding anything thrown for her. Georgie’s determination and skill in finding the retrieve is exciting to watch. Georgie is very birdy and gamey in the field, but peaceful away from hunting.

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