Current Sires

  • Captain
  • Jasper
  • Trigger
  • George
  • Shiloh, retired

Captain     64lbs.

Although purchased as a young dog, Captain has deep roots at Kinross.  His maternal grandparents are Chloe x Shiloh, the two dogs we began our breeding business with in 2003.  His father is an imported field trial champion from Old Oak Retrievers named Magnum.  Even though his gaminess and drive while hunting is very strong he remains cooperative.  Out of the field, he is a calm dog - giving him a very good "off switch."  Captain is simply a nice boy.  He is factored yellow, has his DNA clearances and his hips are excellent.



Jasper is a large British male at 68 pounds.  He is a Chloe x Shiloh son and is owned by Chris Postma.  Chris has dedicated many hours to hunting and training with Jasper.  Chris has run Jasper in the UKC Hunt Tests, where Jasper completed the Started Level, the Seasoned Level, and the Finished Level and is now a Hunting Retriever Champion. Jasper has hunted extensively for waterfowl and pheasants in both North Dakota and Michigan.  OFA hip scores are good and his DNA clearances are pending.  We are planning to breed Jasper to a couple of our females in 2017 – 18. He is available to approved females.


Trigger     62lbs.

Trigger is a son of one of our Georgie x Shiloh breedings.  Sold as a puppy, Trigger returned for training.  John was very impressed with Trigger's personality, train-ability, and natural hunting skills. Fortunately for us, the owner has agreed to allow Trigger to selectively breed to some of our females.  He is currently scheduled to breed Gwen in the spring of 2019.  Trigger has his DNA clearances and also has excellent hips.


George is the son of our female, Georgie, and a British male in Minnesota named Franklin.  On his first trip to North Dakota in the fall of 2014, I hunted him only on waterfowl and he performed very well.  Having remembered his training, he was steady throughout the trip even with birds dropping 15 feet from us.  George has a lot of drive, good eyes, and good marking.  He loves to work but is patient and quiet waiting his turn in the kennel.  George received very good hip scores on the BVA system and has all DNA clearances.  VIEW GALLERY

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Shiloh…….65lbs., retired

I first met Shiloh in England as an 8-week old puppy.  His mother is a British Field Trial Champion and his father was the 2005 National Champion of England.  He is a great marking dog who works the fall area with enthusiasm and confidence.  Along with his athleticism, Shiloh’s peaceful personality and calm disposition have made him invaluable in fulfilling our mission to produce “well-rounded dogs that are quality hunters and enjoyable family companions.”  His hips are excellent and he is PRA clear.