About Training

Over 20 Years of Training Hunting Dogs

The goal of dog training is always the same:  have the dog become so familiar with the hunting simulation that it performs to its fullest potential in a real, live hunt with the adrenaline rush of birds, guns, hunters, and the outdoors all coming at once.

I believe dogs can train well but then hunt poorly due to training becoming too artificial.  When training, I re-create the hunting experience to the most realistic extent possible.  It is my goal that the dog will come across multiple distractions and still remain focused to the hunting task.



A few years ago, my life became enriched when I purchased my first companion hunting dog. Early on, I recognized the need for professional assistance in training the conditioned retrieve of my English Setter.  Upon recommendations from others, I turned to John for help.

Since then, I have had John help me with the training of each of my 4 dogs. He is keenly skilled at maximizing the potential from pointing, versatile, flushing, and retrieving dogs.  His insight and wisdom have been invaluable, including aiding me in training a dog that obtained a Prize One score in her NAVHDA Utility test as well as a Master Hunt title.   Each dog has different abilities and personalities.  This was recognized., training was adjusted appropriately, and high performing hunting partners were developed..

John has shared his passion of training hunting dogs with me and I have had the opportunity to assist him on a regular basis. We’ve spend hours discussing dogs and training philosophy as well as worked together with dozens of dogs.  He always considers the owner’s needs and the talents of the dog.   Some trainers insist the dogs fit into the trainer’s program.  John listens to the owner and individualizes the training.   Extra effort is done to assure the dog does the job.

Whether you hunt by yourself or with some pals, it’s great fun to have a dog that you enjoy putting on ground or in the duck blind.  John’s training can help that become a reality.  He has my highest recommendation  — he’s the guy I trust with my dogs!

Dale Ray, MD, FACEP