Meet the Trainer

Why should I train your dog?

Good Question! There are proven trainers across the country and on any given day when the point is unwavering or the retrieve is perfectly marked, any one of us trainers is the best.  And, I won’t pretend to be the best more often than the other trainers.  What I do know to be true, in answering this question, can be framed in two ways: 

Personally, I am a very passionate and serious hunter.  I like to hunt with a well trained dog.  So, I train to the hunt – to produce not only a useful dog but also an enjoyable hunting dog (there’s nothing better than a beautiful retrieve or intense point).

I also have been training since I was 12 years old (still enjoy it) and know that my life has been enriched by this trade: I have become wiser and more humble.  I frequently look to other trainers for better techniques.  I want to continue as a trainer and to continue improving the hunting dog.  I also want to remain open to better techniques of others for the sake of that beautiful retrieve or intense and solid point.  If it is your dog I will train, know that every day I work to bring out the best in your dog so that you can experience the hunt we all aspire to.


Professionally, I design a training program that will fit your dog.  After understanding what you, the owner, would like the dog to do, I then train to those specifications.

You will also be brought into the training program at key points.  The relationship between the dog and the handler is critical for a quality hunt.  Generally, a dog’s performance on any given day is 50% dog and 50% handler.

Other variables may also arise.  On occasion, a dog does not show hunting abilities (not interested in birds, no retrieval or pointing instincts, no work ethic).  If this unfortunately happens to be your dog, I will immediately bring you into the training program to make an informed decision on the training of your dog.

Ultimately, every dog I train is a billboard for my business.  I am a strong believer in referrals – satisfied dog owners like to talk (maybe brag) about their dogs and the hunts they experience with them.  Every day when I am training, I know that the work I put into your dog will be work for me in the future.